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The Altar Boy: Emile Hirsch

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Emile Hirsch is a talented 18 year old actor who you may have seen in The Altar Boys (his on-screen debut) and The Emperor's Club. With his piercing green eyes and boyish good looks it may be hard to focus on anything but his appearance but Emile Hirsch is not just another pretty face. 

 In 2003 you will see Emile in The Mudge Boy a film that premiered at the Sundance Festival in February. Emile plays Duncan Mudge a homosexual teenager who has to deal with the loss of his mother, and experiencing the feelings of being gay. Emile has already worked alongside famous actors like Jodie Foster and Kevin Kline. If his career will be as good as his acting, then we can expect to see Emile for many years to come.  

Emile Hirsch