Wake up and smell the coffee: The Cranberries
May 28, 2002


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It was a beautiful night and I had great seats so I could see Dolores, Ferg, Noel, Mike, and Steve very well! The concert started with the sound of wake up and smell the coffee, and Dolly entering the scene with a cheery "Hello!" then Saying "Wake up, Wake up, Wake up" and leashing into Wake up and smell the coffee. Then she introduced Analyse saying "Thankyou, This next song is from the new album it's called analyse". In the backround of analyse you could hear Steve singing "Ahh..." ...probably cringing to most but I didn't mind.  She was wearing a black tangtop with a black skirt and some boots (she is so tiny, even with those big boots on).
 First of all let me tell you I don't think they could have picked a BETTER place then wolftrap it is so beautiful! Whenever a great song came on Dolly encouraged us to stand up and in one part she said " I woudn't mind if you guys would rock out".
 After Analyse the Cranberries started playing zombie and the crowd got really excited, including the guy in front of me who was wearing a shirt that said "What's in your head, zombie". Dolores let us sing just like on the BTS DVD and that was so much fun because one of my favorite parts was singing. In the middle of  Zombie Dolly said her bit about having written the song a couple of years ago about the troubles in Ireland.
 Then she said a couple of words about being glad that she was playing for us tonight and sang time is ticking out. I can't beleive that someone so small could have such a powerful voice. They where all so full of energy and they put on such a great show! "this one is from ttfd, I wrote it for my grandfather it's called Joe" that's how Dolly introduced Joe! Then I was really happy I was going to get to hear such a rare song! Dolly sounded so beautiful on this song especially when she sang "Joeeee" ..it literally took my breath away.
 Before singing animal instinct Dolores said that BTH was the 4th album, and that the next song she had written while she was pregnant with her son and know she had 2 children. During the show Dolores whore a glittery top with a black feather boa and some blue pants that looked really awesome on her! She also wore a glittery black top later on. "You'll know this one for sure" Dolores was reffering to Ode 2 my family, and she sounded beautiful on that one as well. She played keyboards on this song. Then they played "Never Grow Old" Dolly said she had written that song for herself, for her kids, for you, for everybody. It seems to have a special meaning to her!
  I can also remember during Daffodil Lament Dolly threw daffodils at the audience and the guy that caught them went nuts! I personally went nuts during linger and dreams. Those songs where soooo much fun. They really did put on a great show and they coudn't have chosen to play at a better place!
         Thanks so much Crans!
                         Veronica (webmaster)

PS: I got a  WUASTC t-shirt for $25 and a promo poster for $5 so I was happy because I got some souveniers...plus my tape recorder did a wonderful job recording..even tho it didn't record the whole concert.

 i wanted to give my review of the
cranberries show i just saw on May 28th 2002 at Wolftrap in Virginia.... this
show was one of the best i have ever been to. Dolores has the most amazing voice
i have ever heard. ive never been to a concert where the band sounded better
live than on their record. Dolores is very entertaining and so intriguing. shes
radiant and beautiful and gets the crowd going. she changed clothes a couple of
times during the show which i thought was great. they are just an absolutely
wonderful music group. while i am bragging about them....the lyrics to Dolores'
songs are so touching. im glad ive had her music and voice to listen to on these
rough days in my path....you can totally connect with her on some level and that
makes her different than almost every other entertainer in the business.thank
you and goodnight ~Shari