Wake up and smell the coffee: The Cranberries
Dolores's Hair!


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Dolores O'Riordan's hair is sort of her trade mark. As every new album of the Cranberries came along, so did her hair. This is sort of a timeline to show you how much Dolores has changed in such a short period of time, and all the awesome things she's done with her hair. If you want to vote on Dolores's favorite hair style go to the 'your opinion' section.


Child: Dolores as a child with her natural brunette hair, it is shoulder length and as long as Dolores has ever had it.

Everybody else is doing it, so why can't we?: Dolores hairstyle back around the early 90s when their first album was released was very similar to when she was a child. It was dark and just a bit shorter to when she was a little girl.

Dolores back in the early 90s also during the time of everybody else, said that she shaved her hair off because she used to stand sideways on stage and hide behind her hair because she was afraid of people looking at her. This way by shaving off her hair, she could not hide anymore.

There's no need to argue: There's no need to argue that her hair looks fantastic! This is Dolores's hair in 1994 and sort of the trademark of the Cranberries's second album. Dolores went blonde and this is probably her most popular hair style.

Blonde departed: Dolores in 1996 sort of waltzing back! She goes back to very, very, very short dark hair.


Burry the hairstyle!: Dolores ditches her old trademark, the short blonde hair. This time she goes with longer layered blonde hair for the release of burry the hatchet.

This is the way her hair has looked like in the year 2001, and on the single of analyse her hair looked this way, therefore it probably will look like this for wake up and smell the coffee.